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Here’s What Others Are Saying About
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Comments: Just wanted to say I'm glad that someone is telling the truth about Adsense. When I saw that Google was letting publishers determine how much they'd pay for a click, I knew the ride was over... Even tho the experts were still selling outdated, Make a Fortune in Adsense, ebooks.

I did a search on Google for the words: adsense death and I saw a great many sites talking about the end of the Adsense jackpot. One guy said he used to make $50,000. a year from Adsense. Now he's only getting about $900. a month if he's lucky. Quite a loss.
I don't think the experts will be telling people this news anytime soon...

I think you're going to make a lot of gurus angry with your Death of Adsense ebook. I still see people selling books that purport to show how anyone can make a fortune putting Adsense code on a webpage. Even though they know this won't work anymore.


The first half of your report put the spring back in my step and hope in my heart...and by the way - I really do appreciate the fact that it's "free"!
ThankYou Scott...
Keep up the good work man....and TAKE CARE.


When I downloaded your report, I thought it was going to be another tired hyped up sales pitch from some "guru" selling more crap "I have to have" - I was pleasantly surprised that it's not. In fact, a lot of the things you mentioned in the report made a lot of sense to me and have hit the nail on the head, so to speak, that I'm very excited to read the 2nd part!

I don't go to a lot of forums or read too much of other people's opinions on blogs as it can be such a time waster! With that said, I have not read any negative comments from some of the bigger named internet marketers I'm subscribed with - they have all been fairly quiet about it. I'm assuming it's because they want people to not take much notice of it as they are all gearing up to sell the next "Adsense Templates" coming out next month.

In any case, I am looking forward to reading the next part of your report! The only thing is, I wish I could read it sooner!

Take care,

Hi Scott

Go for it - anything that stimulates debate is great!

Don't worry about the self-interest of your critics.



My brother,

You may indeed be the Messiah that many newbies and even seasoned marketers have been looking for. Yes many of us are indeed tired of the so called guru's who won't give you the time of day really without knowing they are going to make as much money as possible off you at some point and sooner rather then later.

I would love to see the second half of that report. I can't afford to pay for it though. I have lost so much money on adsense and other ventures that my wife has threatened to leave me if I don't smarten up and stop believing the bullshit the so called guru's are peddling. But I am dying to know what the rest of the report will offer. "Be Well & Prosper Always.

Regards, William


Hey Scott, I agree with you since I've bought, and downloaded free AdSense programs that don't work, and I'm tired of making all those so called Gurus rich at my expense.

I hope that other marketers feel the same, and will jump on this bandwagon, and expose AdSense for what it is.

Regards: Dale


Reading your document, was the 1st time that someone (you) had the sincerity of saying what you say. That's why I'm appreciate your report.

Mainly the phrase "...most marketers sell "make money crap" to other internet marketers. - That's Digital Incest!"

I had never replyed for none of the names that I wrote before, but sincerely, I already had thought the same that you are writing now !

I'm waiting the 21th to see what cames next.

Cheers! Paulo

I do not know the outcome of this, but I do know that I am sick to death of the {buy my E-book,} {Learn the ropes}{get this for free if you buy that.} {Book your spot on this teleconference}Set your alarm clock.

I refuse to be joined at the hip to my computer and if I have to stay up all night just to hear some wet behind the ears kid tell me how he did, then I honestly think I would be better off on the nine to five, though I am retired so That would not be the case.

Still I at least would know when to lock the door and turn out the light.

It is high time somebody told the real truth and high time that any business that opens up should have to pass stringent tests before being allowed to launch at all.

Do what you have to do.

Never mind the big boys they have already made their money or say they have.

You lit the torch boy.

Now carry it to the end of the race.

Shirley V. Livesey 73 year old radical.



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